When purchasing a piece of artwork, most people put a lot of thought into the type of artwork they buy. They think about how they want it to work with the décor and energy of the space where it will be displayed. They might be interested in investing in artwork by a particular artist and showing off that investment. They might be attracted to a particular subject or color scheme. But what often gets less consideration is how the picture will be displayed. This is really too bad because choosing the method for displaying a piece of art is important to getting the most out of your investment in it.

At newARTmix, we understand how the experience of viewing art can be transformed by how it is displayed. We want to inspire you with our unusual frameless artwork and the different ways it can be demonstrated. We know that you might not be aware of all the options you have when it comes to hanging (or not necessarily hanging) artwork with no frame required. We have options that may never have even crossed your mind. Our art requires no expensive frames and can be hung out of the box, but we do offer a number of convenient and attractive mounting options.

Here are some examples of our mounting options:

1. GeckoTeq Self-adhesive Hangers (usual and most common way) 


Float your print off the wall with GeckoTeq self-adhesive Multi Hangers (included in the package). It is a picture-hanging system that has been developed especially for flat Dibond and acrylic plates. The GeckoTeq Dibond mounting set is easy to mount and is a secure and elegant and almost invisible system. The plate spacers (2 spacers included) are also self-adhesive and made of soft material to prevent damage to your wall. Ideal for hanging your art prints at a perfect distance from the wall.

2. Stand-off’s mounting

Stand-off’s mounting 

This is a dramatic look that frees the artwork away from being flat against the wall. It has no frame, just metal standoffs (with or without holes in the art). It lends the artwork a more modern, edgy, industrial look that is a really good fit for graffiti art, black and white art/photos, grunge artwork, and posters. It is sturdy enough to provide reliable mounting for extra-large artwork. The standoffs are produced in different colors (silver, gold, black, brush metal), different shapes (circle or square) – so also can add your art originality. (We don't recommend this mounting option is not recommended for fine art due its simple modern look).

3. Ceiling hanging system

Ceiling hanging system

Hanging artwork from the ceiling is a fantastic option for large spaces with high ceilings. Not only does it really show off the piece you want to display, but it also fills a large empty space and pulls together the overall décor of the space. It is also among the most impressive options and gives the display a museum-level quality. Works particularly well for our larger pieces.

4. “Standing” wall art

Standing wall art

Standing artwork draws the eye. Our flat metal artworks can stand on the floor in any place you choose. As with our ceiling hanging system, it really shows off the piece you want to display while filling a large space where there would not normally be an artwork. We also have smaller-sized artworks that can fill empty shelf space with the color and texture of your art.

5. Easel


What could look more natural than a painting on an easel? This is a charming and creative way to display your artwork in the manner that an artist working on their creation would see it. It works with a variety of sizes and types of artwork. It is a great look when you have multiple pieces to display and want to give the space the feeling of an artist’s studio.

6. Here is a unusual custom option that is only possible with our artwork – we can use them as a space dividers

Art as a space divider

We can do double-side printing of our artwork so it will be displayed on both sides, and can be mounted in such a way as to divide up a larger space. This is a great option when you have a large open space (loft or office) that you would like to break up into small, more intimate spaces. It also really shows off the piece from a number of angles. Being able to print on both sides is a big advantage that our artwork has over traditional artworks on paper or canvas.

When you are ready to modernize the way you display your artwork and give your space a revolutionary look, our team of dedicated, knowledgeable experts can help you find the perfect way to display your artwork. We should note that our metal artwork gives you these more modern display options which generally complement the style of our artwork, and are not available to traditional canvas and paper artwork.

Contact our designer about display options for your artwork!

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  • vikki on

    Very interesting idea – using art as a space divider. Especially for open office space.

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