large wall art for loft

Industrial lofts are often fabulous spaces, with their textured concrete walls and chrome lighting. But for those living in them, another challenge arises: how to decorate this space?

Large blank concrete wall surfaces are quite a problem. You can't really paint them, but with a complete lack of color accents, space might be grey, boring, and a little depressing. Hanging wall art is a great way to easily transform it, create the main focal point of any room and appeal to your personal taste. Large open spaces as a loft provide an ideal backdrop for bolder and bigger pieces of art. Our extra-large art printed on metal is a great fit for an industrial interior because the metal is an absolutely "loft-style" material.

large wall art for loft

Whether you like abstract pictures or unusual compositions, spice up your interior and make every detail perfect. We can propose to you a great selection of artworks in different styles – bright abstract paintings, street art, large photographs in industrial style, posters, or even pieces with quotes. Also, don't be afraid of the vibrant hues – they can enliven a loft without feeling too overwhelming or inconsistent. Just choose an art theme and the right colors. You even can use the classic masterpieces and create a trendy eclectic interior. Once the art will be hung you'll quickly find out that your grey walls have a life! But remember that art should also work well with the rest of the design elements in your room - don't just pick one without considering all these factors together!

large wall art for loft

Our art is available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit every need and budget. Selecting wall art for the front room, kitchen, bedroom or other room in your home should be an exciting journey. And remember – it’s your home and your money, so follow your heart and pick that which speaks to you.

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