Extra large METAL wall art. Modern. Unique.
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Art always has been used to express our feelings and mood, dreams and passions, perсeption of the world, …and, yes, to find the perfect complement to our new furniture – to top off our space...

Our small, but experienced team is passionate about interesting, stylish, and (it's very important) affordable art. We would like to bring new ideas in art decor with using the new printing technologies and new unique materials such as aluminum, acrylic, or other.

We propose you trendy now graffiti and industrial art, the masterpieces of the best world painters of all time, contemporary digital art that maintains their original quality in extra-large formats. To make art fit your dream of a perfect home, we can change the color spectrum, size, and shape for most of our prints (all digital works). Our large scale metal and acrylic prints can decorate private houses, lofts, apartments, and commercial spaces like hotels, lobbies, halls, restaurants, etc. They will become the centerpiece of any space.

Our individual metal panel goes up to 96"x48", but we can create art in any size you may want through a combination of multiple panels. Please go ahead and let us know if you want custom size and we will make it for you! We are constantly evolving by staying focused on the latest trends in large format digital printing – printing directly onto metal and acrylic. Using the best equipment and inks, we feel we offer the best product at competitive prices.

We’re adding to our selection constantly, so stay in touch!