newARTmix – extra-large wall metal art for home and commercial space

Your home is your haven and you fill it with love, plants, and beautiful things that bring you joy. Art you choose is a way to share out your perception of the world. It gives life to your feelings and moods, dreams, and passion. Our customers value the unusual design and the lasting impression it creates. 

Our team of experienced and passionate professionals is dedicated to finding you interesting and stylish art at a price you can afford. We focus on bringing innovative ideas to art décor by using new printing technologies and unique materials such as aluminum, acrylic, and more.

Our specialty is the latest in trendy graffiti and industrial art, as well as reproductions of the masterpieces created by the greatest painters of all time. We also work closely with independent contemporary artists. Modern digital art techniques preserve the original quality in extra-large formats. We can change the color spectrum, size, and shape for most of our prints (all digital works) to suit your specifications, and customize the artwork to fit your dream of a perfect home. It helps us to bring you a wide range of options that mesh perfectly with any private or commercial space. 

Size also can really make difference when you are decorating a space. Our large-scale metal and acrylic prints can decorate private houses, lofts, apartments, and commercial spaces like hotels, lobbies, halls, restaurants, and more. They will become the centerpiece of any space, providing the focal point for the rest of the décor in a space. Our individual metal panel can be scaled up to 96"x48", but we can create art in any size you may desire through a combination of multiple panels. Please, let us know if you want a custom size and we will tailor the art for you!

By staying focused on the latest trends in large format digital printing and with modern technologies and high-quality equipment, we are able to offer you the best artworks at competitive prices. Our high-quality artworks are made with robust, ecological, and safe printing technology. The printing process is supervised by experienced professionals.

Our team has been always guided by the needs of our customers. It doesn’t matter if your order is large or small – you’ll always be treated as our number one account.

We are striving to continually follow new trends in interior design and extend our offers to exactly suit your needs. When you choose to shop with us, rest assured that you will discover exactly what you've been searching for! So stay in touch and see what’s new!

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