• Art comes ready to hang right out of the box. No expensive custom frame necessary.
  • All Metal Art arrives w/ mounting hardware.
  • We offer a choice of some convenient hanging solutions:

    newARTmix Float mounting
    The most popular is the Float Mounting for a clean, unframed look. It is the back frame (1/2" or 3/4" thick natural wood bars) or floating mounting. It adds rigidity to a piece while providing depth and flush mounting to a wall. Hangs by the lip of the frame. Secure, easy, and included in the price. Recommended for any size, and for Fine Art reproductions (the masterpieces don't look good with modern standoffs).
    newARTmix float mounting
    If you would like your art takes on a more modern or industrial look, hanging your art using Stainless Steel Standoffs will look spectacular. Two options are available. Through Standoffs recommended for large and extra-large sizes. They also are a good fit for posters or photos. Simple installation. The art will have 4 small drilled holes for standoffs. Four 3/4-inch brushed stainless steel posts, anchors, and screws are included in the price.
    newARTmix Clamp Stand-off mounting
    Clamp Standoffs are a unique way to display the art of any composition and size. They create a mounting solution without drilling holes in art print. Recommended for large, extra large, and multi-panel art prints. Simple installation. Four 3/4-inch brushed stainless steel posts, drywall anchors, and screws are included in the price.
    newARTmix tabletop art
    For smaller sizes, we also could recommend using different types of easels and stands to put your art on a flat surface.
    You can also order your art without hanging hardware and demonstrate it in another manner. Diverse frames will be a perfect finishing touch for your print. Or you can display the artwork without hanging it. Simply set it on the floor, or on a shallow shelf – the result is casual-looking and refined.
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