Art For Commercial Space

If the challenge for you is to change the look of the interior space whether it is your office or a restaurant, gym, or even a hotel project – you are in the right place. From floor-to-ceiling installations in the lobby to themed art sets for the entrance hall, we offer a full range of artwork.

The office may be well planned and built but wall art is like a polish that will enhance the beauty of the interior space and make it even more alluring for the employees and clients. Impress your clients and transform your business into a stylish and unforgettable space with large-scale multi-panel metal art prints. Our metal prints are an entirely new step in getting art or photographs printed because they are printed directly on a metal surface. This gives prints an exceptionally modern and attractive look, different from traditional canvas or paper.

If you’re dreaming big, a single panel can come in a size up to 96" x 48", meaning you can get larger-than-life multi-panel work ready to capture the attention of your own visitors and clients! You can also order prints that come across multiple panels. Even though they can be large, they are actually incredibly lightweight for their size, the panels weighing about half of what solid aluminum would weigh.

Our artworks are a great choice for decorating outdoor spaces, pools, gyms, and bathrooms. They have a high resistance to weather and corrosion, and the UV-cured ink used in the prints keeps the colors true and from fading.

We offer wholesale prices to Interior Designers, Real Estate Stylists, Commercial & Residential Property Developers, Hotels & Resorts, and Home Stylists.

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to get in contact us today to see what beautiful pieces we can come up with for you!

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