The Beauty of the Wall Clock

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Creating a Good Time: Clocks as Interior Design Pieces

How often do people in the modern world turn to autonomous watches to tell the time? In the era of smartphones, computers, and similar technologies, anyone is more likely to look at a screen than look for which room has a clock. However, all sorts of clocks are still around us. If not out of necessity, then why are clocks often in homes and businesses? It’s because clocks simply leave the realm of utilities and into the world of design and decor. They serve an artistic purpose, add something that can help make a room’s décor feel complete. Clocks are becoming more and more a part of interior design that artistic amateurs to professionals can add to their lives with ease.

Why a Clock for Interior Design?

At first, clocks may sound like a boring design piece, but, actually, a clock can hold all the elements for being the perfect art piece, especially analog clocks. They combine the artistic and the functional in ways that catch the eye of any visitor.

  • First, the color, shape, and materials of a clock consist of creating something similar to a framed art piece.
  • Second, the motion of an analog clock makes it a more engaging art piece. Along with observing its style, you can get drawn towards the movement of the clock’s hands.
  • Next, some clocks, such as cuckoo clocks, come with sounds. Whether it’s the traditional “cuckoo”, chimes, or a melody, the sounds clocks bring into a room add personality and style.
  • Also, clocks are easy to place. Whether it’s hanging them on a wall or sitting them on a shelf, it’s a relatively hassle-free process. And with so many of us feeling like we don’t have enough time as it is, being able to quickly and easily add a clock for some style and a boost in interior design points is convenient.
Clocks Can Fit Any Theme

There are so many artistic options when it comes to clocks, you’re sure to find one you like. Clocks can incorporate many styles of art: modern, classic, rustic, abstract, nature, quotes, geometric patterns, minimalist, retro, etc. You can even get one that goes with your business’s brand!

No matter your interests or the theme of your home or business, you can find the perfect clock to match. This is a major part of what makes them a great interior design piece.

The Beauty of the Wall Clock

Clocks can go on walls, tables, shelves, piano tops, counters, desks, and mantels…. Really, you can place a clock just about anywhere there’s space.

But there’s something special about the wall clock. People’s eyes tend to gravitate more towards a wall clock than a clock set on a surface. Maybe this is because wall clocks are more likely to naturally fall within a person’s line of sight.

Whether you want something that blends in size-wise or that demands attention from how big it is, wall clocks are a great option. The variety of sizes newARTmix offers (from 12x12 inches to 48x48 inches) give you a chance to showcase a beautiful clock no matter how much space you have available.

Because of their position on the wall or shelf, clocks can basically double as art prints or mini sculpture pieces. The imagery on newARTmix’s metal wall clocks is produced with UV stabilized inks, ensuring the images won’t fade like traditional art prints, and each one is waterproof and weatherproof. This makes their clocks usable inside or outside, in the bathroom or in the pool – so you can let your creativity flow when deciding where to place your dream clock.

Despite being made of metal, the clocks are lightweight (being only .3 inches thick) and come ready to hang. Or, if you prefer, you can use a stand and set one on a shelf or desk.

Quality art wall clocks add to the interior design of your home. With durability, versatility, and the creativity of many different shapes and art styles, a wall clock from newARTmix will add life to your home or to your friend’s home as a thoughtful, creative gift.

Artistic Places to Put Your Clock

So, how do you get the best artistic appeal out of a clock? Here are some tips.

Use one to add an accent color. You’ve heard of people painting one wall in a room a different color than the rest to make the room more eye-catching. You can skip the messy paint and use a large wall clock to accomplish the same thing!

Make one a center piece. Whether it’s a beautiful clock on the mantelpiece or a large wall clock over the bed, by placing a clock there you create a focal point people notice when they enter the room. Place multiple clocks in the same room. By purchasing different colors of the same clock (or clocks with art prints by the same artist), you can arrange them on the wall in a pleasing pattern.

Put one in your business’s lobby or your office. A large wall clock with a classy or professional theme will make your workplace come across as high-class. Or matching the clock to your business’s focus adds personality and lets people know you’re really into what you do.

Don’t Underestimate What a Clock Adds to a Room

Interior design focuses on enhancing the layout and décor of a room or building to create an aesthetically pleasing space. With all the different types of clocks out there, you can totally find one (or more) that makes a room in your home or business speak for itself. Experiencing the satisfaction of a well-placed clock that changes an ordinary-looking room to an extraordinary-looking room is timeless.

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