Oversized art has become trendy lately. Big colorful paintings immediately grab your attention as you come into the room and make a loud statement of style that’s hard to deny.

Not that we have anything against gallery walls, but they can be hard to build and, depending on the room, can add visual busyness. That’s why we’re getting behind the “one and done” philosophy behind a single piece of oversize art; it looks really posh but also is just plain easier.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that this kind of art will work for you as well. Consider the pros and cons of using extra large art in your interior.

You should definitely buy a large painting if:

★ You want to create a very contemporary and eye-catching room design that will knock your guests off their feet
★ You have a lot of blank wall space to cover and you don’t know how to do it
★ You need to fill up part of your room that lacks ‘content’, but you can’t think of any furniture to place there
★ You are going for a minimalist look with limited use of wall decor
★ You need to balance an arrangement of smaller paintings on the opposite wall

You definitely shouldn’t buy a large painting if:

★ Your room is too small or cluttered
★ There isn’t enough wall space between the painting and the furniture
★ You already have other pieces of wall decor on the same wall
★ Your interior design isn’t consistent
★ You simply don’t have enough money

Oversized wall art can make your home a true eye candy or break the entire room design if you use it inappropriately. Remember that wall decor should be in line with your room design and enhance its strong points, not vise versa. Measure your wall space available very carefully to avoid bitter disappointment if the painting you acquired turns out to take up a bigger area than you expected.

Classic interiors will benefit from panoramic art – traditionally painted landscapes or seascapes – while large abstractions, impressionistic cityscapes or retro-style celebrity portraits will look great in most contemporary apartments. While choosing a piece of art, you should also consider the color scheme of your room. The palette of the painting should echo the colors of furniture, walls and other decorations.


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