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Dibond is an excellent choice for a durable, high-quality substance to print art.

Dibond is one of the strongest and long-lasting printing medium on the market that even if exposed to harsh weather, is decompose proof and resistant to fading. For printing we use precisely with solvent-free, non-toxic anti-UV inks. UV ink will help your symptoms from becoming damaged due to the sun and harsh weather conditions and will also retain their color for a long time.

The advantages of using Dibond for printing also are that the material is more rigid than canvas and does not require primers for use. We get very good adhesion from inks especially if you first lightly wipe the surface with alcohol.

The rigidity and durability of Dibond allows art print to be hung without framing. Also, there is no need of additional support in the back to make the material more rigid or durable like you have to do with traditional canvas. The rigidity of larger art pieces can be increased by using a relief rout on the back of the panel about a 1” or more from all four sides.

Dibond is a Class A material, based on its flame spread and smoke development values when tested to ASTM E84, which allow it to be used in the most challenging environments; such as hospitals, schools, and the common area or shopping malls where the fire performance criteria for materials is more stringent.

Dibond does not require much upkeep, but you can clean it or simply wipe off the dust.

Also, Dibond print can be done on both sides instead of just one which helps you save some extra cash by not having to buy two art prints. You can order print on both sides and flip your art print as you see fit. (It's our new idea:). What do you think about it?)

Dibond’s use in the art world is expanding. More over, now it is seen not only as a printing substrate, but as a go-to for artists using it as a replacement to canvas or paper.

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    Thank you for this survey! It’s really interesting. Will think about buying such art.

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