Art displayed on Dibond® metal is stunning.

A brilliant alternative to traditional printing, the brushed aluminum finish of Dibond® brings to artworks an incredibly unique metallic texture. With its high stability and rigidity, this product makes an excellent base to print art.

The sleek, brushed aluminum surface adds amazing depth to art prints. Any areas of image that are set as a true white will reveal the raw, brushed aluminum metal surface. It is particularly striking for images containing metallic surfaces – it’s almost 3D!

Dibond brushed aluminum prints are a great option for a clean, modern look with exceptional durability.


★ Triple-layered composite material: black UV resistant polyethylene core sandwiched between two premium aluminum alloy layers
★ Flattest panel on the market. Thickness 3 mm (1/8")
★ Contemporary matte look. Cuts glare and reflections
★ Vivid colors, broader color palettes, highest resolution, subtle nuances and details revealed
★ Unique metallic texture adds amazing depth to the art
★ High resistance to weathering (sunlight, contaminants, and moisture) and corrosion
★ Provides excellent durability in bathroom and outdoor applications
★ UV cured ink provides effective protection
★ Lightweight – approximately half the weight of solid aluminum
★ Makes oversized (up to 96"x48") format possible
Made In USA

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