Need a perfect unique gift right away? This newARTmix E-Gift Certificate fits the bill!
Select the options below and buy our E-Gift Certificate in minutes.
  1. Choose the size of the art you would like to gift (if you are looking for size that's not listed, please message us before)
  2. Complete your order. We will send you the certificate with CODE on email in 1-2 hours (PDF file)
  3. Personalize the card and print out it in the comfort of your own home.
Please note the following with regard to this gift card:
  • the gift card is valid for purchasing the art only in the size that's listed on the gift card. Shipping cost is included.
  • the gift card is not valid for shipping or purchasing another gift card
  • the gift card expires six (6) months from the purchase date listed on the gift card
  • the gift card cannot be redeemed for cash
  • the gift card is not refundable
  • the gift card is for one-time use only (coupon code will be deactivated after purchase or expiration date, whichever comes first)
If you have any questions throughout the process, please feel free to message us.
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