William Merritt CHASE

American artist William Merritt Chase (1849 – 1916) was an outstanding artist associated with the Impressionist movement, who became one of the most famous American artists and teachers of his time. He was a brilliant observer of contemporary life, an innovative painter, and an influential teacher.

Chase was most fluent in oil painting and pastel but also created watercolor paintings and etchings. He is perhaps best known for his portraits, but in addition to painting portraits, he painted landscapes and still-lifes. Chase's most famous still life subject was dead fish, which he liked to paint against dark backgrounds, limp on a plate as though fresh from a fishmonger's stall.

Rediscover this important and overlooked master, praised for his artistic skill in all techniques, as well as for the variety of his subjects: beautiful images of women, jewel-like landscapes, views of urban parks, and still-lifes.